Type of work:

Semi-automatic welding of black metal platforms within the construction sector.


  1. Experience
  2. Welder’s qualification certificate
  3. Ability to operate a thermal lance
  4. Driver’s license (Category B)
  5. Basic English language skills
  6. No bad habits
  7. Honest, hard-working and responsible attitude

We offer:

  • Neat and cozy rooms (single or twin rooms). Price: only EUR 250 per month
  • No employment -related charges (employment by a Lithuanian company)
  • The first trip to Sweden is free
  • All necessary work clothes and tools
  • Salary and advance always paid on time
  • 230 – 260 work hours per month
  • Net salary of EUR 2700-3500 per month
  • Work schedule: 8 weeks of work – 2 weeks off

Applay for Job