Why should you choose ARMANDO GRUPĖ employees?

  • You can skip the tedious employee selection and recruitment procedure
  • Leave the employment procedure and all related documentation to us
  • We prepare and submit the A1 forms and ID06 cards
  • Your overall expenditure on employees is reduced because we pay all the taxes

The benefits you receive:

  • All our employees are professionals of their respective fields who render high quality services:
    • Our concrete workers follow technical drawings
    • Our welders are ISO certified
    • Our construction workers can take on a wide variety of tasks
  • Each employee has been carefully selected over a year-long recruitment process
  • The skills of our welders are tested in the special training facility in Kaunas. Following their approval, our highly qualified and competent employees are posted to sites in Sweden
  • We have all the necessary documents for long-term legal employment and posting of employees to Sweden
  • We provide A1 forms.
  • We produce ID06 cards and have an F-tax certificate.
  • We have signed agreements with PREVIA and FORA.
  • We have already submitted most of the documents for signing the collective agreement with Byggnads and can do so quickly, if necessary
  • Quality is our main goal and the cornerstone of our employee selection process
  • We can satisfy the expectations of the most selective clients

Our obligations to you:

  • We will replace the employees you are not happy with
  • We give a 3-month warranty
  • First candidates arrive in 2-3 weeks
  • We are very flexible with respect to hourly wages
  • Consulting and support by phone
  • Short customer service response time